Term And Conditions

  1. On your D-1 of your return date, kindly send us your return arrangement confirmation for the next day so we can take care of it.
  2.  On your return day, leave us your review on our link (will be sent on the same day) about our services and the pieces you rented so we
    can understand and serve you better in the future.
  3.  For any late return, we will charge late fee starting at IDR 200,000 and gradually increase by 10% for each later day.
  4. If there is any damage or loss on our items, there will be additional charge for no more than the retail selling price + 15% charge of loss
  5. Your deposit will be fully refunded within 1×24 hours after the return day. Our team will contact you for deposit refund process.
  6. Please be mindful that the shared wardrobe concept means we share the clothes with others. So, we will cooperate with you in taking
    care of our pieces as your own and be on time on your return schedule, as the piece will be circulated again to the next customers.
  7. If you choose to keep the piece with you, please contact us at +62-818-939-868 to assist your request. You will be directed to our thrifting link.
  8. We have after sales services such as repairs and returns. Repairs services are for the purchased items that needs to be fixed or amend. Returns services are for the purchased items that you decide to no longer want it but still in good conditions.